Efficient Call Routing with a GPS Tracking System
11-05-2013 at 09:26 AM
Category: Work Management

No matter the size of a company or what it produces, one of the most expensive aspects of the business is transportation, shipping and moving goods between different locations. This is especially the case with it comes to electricians, plumbers and other working professionals on call and needed through a variety of different sites throughout the city on a given day. Regardless of whom it is for, where the company is taking the products or what time the transportation takes place, staying on target and utilizing the fastest available route. This is available through a GPS tracking service, so not only do the drivers know exactly where they are going and what method to take, but management at the home base is able to track the entire fleet of vehicles while on the go, ensuring everything not only stays on time but on route. This helps reduce the cost of fuel while cutting back on carbon production.

Some GPS tracking systems include dispatch and routing software that is able to perform a variety of different services, all designed to improve the productivity of the business. With the GPS tracking dispatch routing software, companies are able to validate time worked by employees, instead of having the employees spend time parked or away from their vehicle. This way, the driver is always on the move, improving the time it takes an on call professional to reach a work site. The tracking software has gone on to show a total 12 percent reduction in operation costs in two months due to improve routing and the ability to track vehicles possibly heading off on the wrong path, in order to correct the situation or even provide improved routing, should an unexpected closure occur.

The installed GPS tracking with dispatching software is more than just a tool for directing professionals towards their destination. Although this is the prime purpose of the software, it is not the only one. As the vehicles are tracked at all times, if one is stolen, the GPS software is capable of pinpointing exactly where the vehicle is, reducing the time it takes for police to recover the vehicle and allowing business to run as normal faster than having to wait and hope of a returned vehicle.

Today, GPS tracking dispatch routing software is used by a variety industries and services, ranging from landscaping, construction, and cleaning to plumbers, electricians, delivery and trucking companies. All of these different services are able to improve their overall ability to cut costs and make the most efficient use of employees time, saving the company money along the way. A business manager always wants to pay their workers for the time they are working, this technolgy makes that possible.

For anyone who is interested in finding out more about GPS tracking for their business,  there is a 15 day free trial to see the real benefits of GPS tracking systems that simply plugs into the vehicle to see your real time data and reports and see how the hardware works with their vehicles, what it takes to monitor employees for improved efficiency.

Ask yourself: If you rode with your company vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, do you think your employees would be more productive and your vehicles managed better? No matter the size of the company or what services are provided, GPS tracking can help.

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